What is Innovation Showcase?

Innovation Showcase is a very special part of VentureFest North East, designed to shine a light on innovative North East companies. Over the summer we’ve been working with innovation experts at the North East BIC to uncover the latest products, services and other big ideas of the region’s most cutting-edge businesses. Read the full story here.

Take a look at the companies that were in the VentureFest North East 2017 Innovation Showcase:

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Arquer Diagnostics

Arquer Diagnostics is a private company developing and commercialising immunoassay diagnostic tests for cancer diagnosis and monitoring.

Arquer Diagnostics, based at the North East BIC in Sunderland, will display ADXBLADDER – a urine test to detect bladder cancers that are currently missed and has the potential to cut the number of invasive surgeries required in the future. Read their interview with BQ here. 


Bignall Group

As designers and developers of light engineered products Bignall Group has helped inspirational designers, engineers and entrepreneurs create their dreams for over 40 years. Bignall Group is showcasing the BlocMaster2 invention that has the potential to revolutionise the global grease distribution business across multiple sectors. Read their interview with BQ here.



Canny Milk

We’ve grafted to get here. We’re unpretentious, unpolished and unrefined. And guess what, so is our chocolate milk. Completely refined sugar free, in fact. We’re proper Geordie and proud of it. Our milkshakes are born and bred in Newcastle and started on a farm in Northumberland. British sourced and full of good stuff. Other drinks lack personality, so we bring it in the bucket load. We’re a little carton with a lot of bottle. We’re not the biggest, but we’re better and we’re braver… but most of all – we’re Canny. Read their interview with BQ here.


City Hospitals Sunderland

City Hospital Sunderland and MedconnectNorth collaboratively support Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) companies developing innovative products that will enhance patient care and quality of life. Tookie Limited responds to un-met needs of patients and carers supporting them leading #ALifeMoreNormal – core to Tookie’s ethos and brand.

The Tookie Vest for Renal is a unique wearable technology securing and protecting catheter lines for patients undergoing haemodialysis treatment providing freedom, independence and dignity. Read their interview with BQ here


Clarity DSP

ClarityDSP is a healthcare technology startup based in Newcastle. It is dedicated to the design and manufacture of Digital Spectrometers – compact, PC-based, RF noise-cancelling Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan controllers.

It is showcasing its single channel scan controller at VentureFest North East which will help bring affordable MRI technology to the developing world. Read their interview with BQ here. 


Geeky Medics

Geeky Medics is a medical education platform that allows healthcare students to learn clinical skills at their convenience on any device of their choosing through the use of its innovative website and app.

The platform allows its users to download high-quality content, watch videos of key clinical skills, learn from written guides, and assess themselves or colleagues using its interactive mark schemes. It can help medical students learn things like how to feel for a pulse, listen to a heart, and communicate better with patients. Read their interview with BQ here. 



Hyperdrive brings to the market clean energy alternatives to fossil fuels, working with national and international brands to electrify their fleets for vehicle use in city centres, construction sites and transport hubs. Its high-performance energy systems are present in a wide range of applications, from automotive passenger and municipal vehicles, to airport ground fleets, autonomous pods and warehouse robots. Read their interview with BQ here.




IBEX is high-tech start up developing and commercialising novel X-ray imaging technology that has applications in industrial and food inspection, portable security and medical imaging. It comprises of a team of highly skilled people including engineers, physicists, mathematicians and programmers. It prides itself on being based in the North-East and foster a culture of inclusion and innovation within the company.

The IBEX technology can provide a measure of bone health for all patients attending a fracture clinic without the need for a separate DEXA scan. This leads to earlier diagnostics and prevention of conditions such as osteoporosis. Read their interview with BQ here. 



Martel designs and manufacturers bespoke thermal printing solutions. It supplies markets as diverse as medical, retail and automotive, exporting all over the globe. The company has over 30 years’ experience in the industry. More recently it enhanced their offering by developing IOT enabled product platform called VIDA 4.0.

At VentureFest North East, the team is showcasing its Vida 4.0 smart IOT enabled platform that provides the power to connect, capture, communicate and print. Read their interview with BQ here. 



NCFE is a national Awarding Organisation, passionate about designing, developing and certificating nationally recognised qualifications and awards. These qualifications contribute to the success of millions of learners at all levels, bringing them closer to fulfilling their personal goals. Last year alone, over 340,000 learners from over 2,000 colleges, schools and training organisations studied with NCFE to move their careers forward.

Delegates at the event will be able to try the innovations for themselves including GoCalm, an app to help students reduce stress before sitting an exam. Read their interview with BQ here.


Nebula Labs

An innovative new software house business – Nebula Labs provide mobile app and web development services that take the start up-thinking approach, developing in a lean and agile manner, whilst also consulting clients on what they actually need to solve the problem they are facing – as opposed to the solution they think they need themselves with no ‘prodding’ or questioning.

Nebula Labs is taking a novel approach to meeting client’s mobile app and web development needs.  Using lean and agile design principles they deliver high quality products effectively and efficiently. Read their interview with BQ here.

STU-ART Aviation Furniture Ltd

STU-ART is Europe’s premium designer and manufacturer of bespoke and custom aviation art furniture. He turns end of life aircraft into beautiful, useful and affordable pieces. Read their interview with BQ here.


TSG Marine

TSG Marine provides innovative engineering solutions, with a focus on the Oil & Gas and Marine industries. It supplies integrated products and services to our clients; ensuring the seamless delivery of survey, engineering, verification, fabrication, installation and project management activities.  Its business is based on a “can do” attitude and consider themselves as bold but responsible.

TSG Marine will demonstrate its brand-new product TSG/Pipe Repair with SPS (Sandwich Plate System) that allows pipe repairs to be made on oil and gas rigs without shutting them down. Read their interview with BQ here. 



Udara is a technology company with a focus on intelligent aerial imaging. Using state-of-the-art artificial intelligence techniques, they create software for drone operators that combines autonomous flight with real-time image analysis to give users instant access to the aerial information they need.

Udara is developing a real-time image classification system that drone operators can use to automate aerial inspection and survey tasks. It can detect useful features and patterns to output meaningful information that can be acted upon immediately. Read their interview with BQ here. 


Snapshot of Innovation Showcase